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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 17, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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. >> now on "chasing news". >> still lingering in new york city of the massive graveyard is the dumping ground. >> this has been going on for decades. >> we have the studio felt right now the. creator of the hit show empire those things with the gospel choir. >> they're saying that this
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encampment. >> they made them through without spinach you to stay there but just not a rocking chair? >> you are "chasing" an ongoing story? >>. >> statement with the plight of the amazon the shoreline. >> and still lingering of the graveyard. >> looking at some of the
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beginning to change. >> using to a million dollars but the date question is what took so long? money. >> with a different vendors the in the bidding process with the debris removal. >> india can see doing a job year pro and earlier this month. >> we add 16 vessels on deck. working in this area is expected through j. gary but they will still see both. it is a dumping ground and fina has a responsibility to pick them up. >> you say it popped up out of nowhere?
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of the original list. >> they say for boat registration because that is wiped off the you cannot find the owner. >> had you know, the difference or one that dumps? mcfadyen the great question. and counting how many were there so they have a basic estimates but t -- fema as a. of the money but now they see before popping up. >> are people randomly dumping boats? >> this has been going on for decades. with at than ship graveyard by staten island. the ferries, head tugboats it would make them look like nothing at all and the city
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it. >> remember the editorial is gang inside of a brooklyn mcdonald's? and she will love flayed prison time for the brawl that happens in march. she was committed to a psychiatric facility. >> a man accosted her twice. and then to come up with me. and took a photo contact crime stoppers. >> first we find out you go to the same church as one of the co-founders of the
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television then you bring the gospel choir with you? >> we have the studio filled with the st. thomas gospel choir. i go to the african episcopal church that is where the pope creator of the hit show empire grew up. in a deal are in it for a treat. >> how long have you been together? >> you are proud of your sun? >> my kids love it my harshest critics. >> would you get from going
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>> singing in the boys' choir.
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[applause] sinecure fantastic that was unbelievable. prod to have been in the studio. >> case id cd showdown we have all the rage for republican candidates taking a stage for the debate and it got feisty. >> we need intelligence jeb bush said when they come across the border cities said deborah 30th stick back and my talking or are you talking? vitter i am talking.
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deal apologized? >> said there was this moment not missing a beat against rand paul. >> think of the judgment of world war iii repay think shut down a bridge to doesn't like their friends. [laughter] >> who want? >> so to the point to one? >> the big loser was jeb bush this was probably his last chance to recoup says opening and closing and he was hesitating i really think the final nail is in that coffin. >> genet you heard what roger had to say. >> the governor did well but
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nobody falls too far but there are four candidates who stood out that his trumpet and rubio and ted cruz and chris trustee. >> he showed us he couldn't cover a terror plot he cannot uncovered a plot by his own aides for the washington bridge. >> did he dialed that back the little bit to stop muslim of immigration? or did he stepped it up? >> he just needs to the state no damage meaning he still goes end as the front-runner. >> and that may play popular with the electorate but not the other half. >> and chris chris jihadist as a good couple of weeks.
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go but will continue that momentum. >> will he be a factor to win new hampshire? go. >> it is conceivable trump could be second in iowa. >> and we are talking soon. >> and it was without a holiday party. >> we have on our ugly
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>> we can do better. >> [applause] happy holidays. >> pre-christmas -- mary christmas. >> the washington square park is the latest encampment. >> they. >> the debate made them throughout their rocking chairs you can stay just not the rocking chair? do you have a story?
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> today gilbert taylor is stepping down after a well respected career with the new york city government since 2014 he decided it is time to move on and will be ms. . you may not know who i am speaking of the key is the commissioner of the department of homeless
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down at the end of the year. so headed to washington square park it seems the latest promising can i was just six -- speaking to the people here. >> with extra baggage. >> they made them throw out the rocking chair? >> but the main problem with homelessness is affordable housing. with care from the homeless. >> 54% of renters and one-third spend more than and 50%.
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and 2012. with those to rental units. >> natalie is are not enough affordable housing but the government doesn't do enough to enforce the laws behind affordable housing. >> so the mayor finally discovers the crisis. was teetoo preoccupied with the horse-drawn carriages? >> and then to that point. >> politics 101. then you fire the guy who is in charge. it is incredibly hard to your answer.
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call the rise of homelessness. >> do you know what i should say? by a piece of art $25. >> but people will not just by the craft. >> last week you saw me for what has been going on. in the history of the united states. in and did a little bit of trouble. they have already broken ground much to the dismay of the historian and conservationist who want to
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ripping of construction to start building this housing unit for their employees. and the public outcry, . >> with the other legislators from the state of their jersey are here right now to pull the press conference. >> this is the property adjacent to the battlefield not only where washington launched the counterattack the first victory against the british and number two the site of the u.s. marine casualties on land and the first time african-american soldiers joined the ground.
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there are human remains. and they have other places or options. this isn't the only option. by? >> what is done now and what is likely? >> it is surrounded by bell wetland to construct housing with that underlying core challenge and they have chosen and though venture to begin the construction and grandfather themselves. >> to put as much pavement as possible. >> you've heard the update they're trying to save the historically and.
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comments tweet me. >> upset about the pipeline in the days they would be in their front yard. >> injuries and fatalities that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
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>> residents are upset by the natural-gas pipeline that they say would be there for your. right here is our they would push it and it is approximately 20 feet. >> talking about the proposed pipeline a 38-mile high pressure pipeline that would begin in chesterfield
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counties with the utility's transmission facilities and then a new bill was just proposed for safety. >> i am just taking the btu safety regulation to say let's make this a long rather than a regulation. why? because they have been giving waivers as a safety regulations. >> it is a historic area as an old quaker cemetery. >> a resident from chesterfield just learned about this. >> that don't have a good history eric is corrosion and gas line explosion that i don't want to have to make up for not wake up i want to breathe clean air and not
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air. >> with regards to the proximity projects located near churches and hospitals and residential areas. it is always a top priority is to make there is the difference between the transmission and distribution. six times the number of injuries or fatalities guess what that includes? >> they are on the front line. they get no benefit just ripping up their communities. >> how many are due to the gas made? and with the hookup that isn't always a user level issue but a lot of times it
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on the stove spivvy people always complain so let the bill that helps the community. >> why don't we ask them if they have a pipeline so close to death in their backyard? >> and in a strip club?
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